Beagle Freedom Project

Take a look:

These beagles had been caged all their lives as lab animals. They had never seen sunshine or felt grass.

The rescuers from the Beagle Freedom Project got to work, and….

Note: There is nothing heart-wrenching in this video. If you shed tears, it will only be tears of joy and happiness seeing how happy the beagles are when they feel grass and freedom for the very first time in their lives!

beagle beagle1

Feeling grass for the first time.

beagle2 beagle3

Each dog welcomed another.



Here’s a thought, folks. If you have a large piece of land, you can do this too! And even if you save ONE animal, it’s still a great deed.

Lab animals suffer untold miseries. We have seen chimpanzee rescues and how happy the chimps are when they see sunshine for the first time in their lives:

Farm animals also suffer untold miseries and horrendous deaths. Watch this:

We can all do our part by:

1. NOT using products that are tested on animals. Use only cruelty-free products. Do NOT support animal testing.

2. Eating less meat. Or, no meat, if you can!

3. Think of the animals and do what you can, as your conscience guides you!

Have a happy and compassionate day today. Every little act of kindness helps!

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