Bunny Bun Buns’ Day 4



He is okay and has been taking his Clavomox obediently (wrapped in food, of course).


As of yesterday, there was no more soggy mass. The wound has healed but I still continue spraying the pet spray on it.

I’m quite amazed that despite his FIV+ condition and his age, Bunny did not get a fever with that deep wound and he also healed fast compared to his health condition years ago (at a younger age) when a simple wound would lead to a fever, a sneeze would lead to a terrible flu which would render him incapacitated and weak for weeks.

Then, it so happened a friend was asking me how to alleviate flu in her cats. Of course my first suggestion would be Vetri DMG. She has tried it but it doesn’t work for her cats, so I was searching for other products when I suddenly remember I did give Bunny FCV Protect (a homeopathic medicine) many months ago. This product consists of granules which only need to be given 3 consecutive days in one YEAR.

Here is the link: http://www.nativeremedies.com/petalive/products/fcvprotect-prevent-cat-flu-fever.html

I’ve asked vets but they cannot comment as this is a homeopathic medicine which many vets have no academic knowledge of or interest in.

So, as always, our disclaimer holds. Please consult your vet for a proper diagnosis before giving any medication to your pets.


But granted, I also give Bunny Transfer Factor if he so much as sneezes twice.  I get a little paranoid when Bunny and Tiger seem unwell as both are FIV+. So, I am not certain what has worked because I give Vetri DMG and Transfer Factor, the latter only if they sneeze a second time. Normally, Vetri DMG arrests the sneezing very effectively.

But Bunny’s fast recovery from the deep wound without fever is something new for him, and I think maybe, just maybe, the FCV Protect has helped?

FCV Protect is a homeopathic medicine and only needs to be given for 3 consecutive days per year (it takes the place of vaccination, in a way). Hence, I had totally forgotten about it until now when I was helping my friend search for alternative to her cat flu problem.

I also bought FCV Protect hoping it would help with Bunny’s eye discharge but it didn’t. The eye discharge is due to blocked ducts in the eyes, and the treat that, he needs to go on general anaesthesia to have those ducts cleaned out, but the vet says it’s better not to do this. The discharge is just a cosmetic discomfort.

In any case, Bunny Bun Buns is as happy as a lark today.


Total bliss…

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