It pays to remain happy no matter what (Ivan is adopted as a home pet!)


It was on 19th May that little Ivan sauntered into my computer lab one morning. I guess someone had dumped him at the college grounds as he looked very lost. I picked him up and Connie helped send him to the vet’s for a check-up. As I was leaving the college, another younger kitten was found at the parking lot, also looking very helpless. I named him Justin and also brought him to the clinic.

Ivan was given a clean bill of health except for a bit of wet ears (which were cleaned) while Justin was declared healthy except for a gassy intestine. Even at the vet’s, Ivan seemed such a happy little cat and the vet quipped that he is probably so happy because he is cross-eyed (a genetic “special characteristic”) and he thinks the whole world is quite funny! Both were dewormed and our dear friend offered to take them both in.

The next day, Justin traveled to my friend’s forever home for cats where he could fraternise with other rescued cats while Justin was still monitored under quarantine at home because of his diarrhoea. Together with Ivan was another cat whom I picked up, Dolly, a heavily pregnant cat found being bullied at the food court. While Dolly was a bit nervous on the first day in a new surrounding, Ivan was as happy as a lark and adjusted immediately, even making many new friends.

We visited Ivan yesterday, and also met Dolly: While we were there, we saw Ivan being so happy amongst all the other cats and seemed to have taken over the post of ambassador at the place (Freddie was not exactly very happy about it, though).

While we were driving back, both Connie and I wondered if someone could adopt Ivan into the home as he seemed such a person-friendly cat. I cannot (I have 14 already) while Connie could not either as Oscar has proven to be a solitary office cat who wants to rule.

But dreams do come true and wishes are sometimes answered because shortly after that, our friend texted to say she has fallen in love with Ivan’s happy and bubbly ways and will take him home!

So, here’s Ivan’s selfie, now as a home pet!

IvanLookie, lookie, happy, happy me! I have my own cushion now!!

It is also interesting that the vet says Ivan has the size of a 5 month-old kitten, but the teeth of a 2 month-old as he has no canines yet. The vet was puzzled and quipped that maybe Ivan has some mainecoon blood in him! Of course Ivan laughed it off…!

And here is more good news – Justin has recovered from his diarrhoea and the 3 sores on his body are healing very well!

IMG-20140526-WA0000 IMG-20140526-WA0001 IMG-20140526-WA0002

Drying up well.

So, it pays to remain happy no matter what, as Ivan would tell you! It can get you adopted into a loving home.

We thank our dear friend how letting Ivan share her beautiful home of many cats and for taking such good care of Justin too.

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