Newborn kittens for urgent adoption in PJ – Adopted! (Evelyn Toh Kheng Lin’s)

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The original post:

If you are able to help, please contact Evelyn directly.

From: Evelyn Toh <>
Date: Wed, May 28, 2014 at 9:56 AM
Subject: Adoption of stray kittens

– Evelyn Toh Kheng Lin. 012-9245820
cute new-born small kittens abandoned by their mother. All 3 have not opened their eyes. Sleeps and mews a lot. 
– Petaling Jaya, Selangor
We requested more details and Evelyn sent this:
From: Evelyn Toh <>
Date: Wed, May 28, 2014 at 10:37 AM
Subject: Re: Adoption of stray kittens
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Dear Dr Chan,

A stray mother cat jumped in through the window into my friend’s condo and gave birth to 3 kittens in his room. Upon my friend’s return, the mother cat ran out and did not return, despite my friend leaving the kittens in his room for a few hours. These 3 cute kittens were left abandoned, and I offered to bring them home as the condo has a no-pet policy.
They are now kept in a box lined with blankets in my room. They have yet to open their eyes and often huddle close to each other. I am feeding them from a milk bottle for every 3-hour interval (milk and bottle bought from the pet shop). I was advised by the petshop not to bathe them at such a tender age, so I only wipe them with dry tissues when they have excreted and passed urine. They are also yet to be neutered / spayed as they are newborn (born on 27 May 2014). I am able to care for them for now, but as my job starts next week, I am unable to be a caretaker for these kittens.
Though these 3 kittens are from the same womb, they have different personalities even from birth. One latches firmly onto the milk bottle I feed and wonders around with an adventurous spirit, often climbing onto its brother / sister. Another refuses to drink until I firmly push the milk bottle into its mouth, and is usually quietly resting by the corner. The 3rd one mews continuously through the night, and struggles a lot when I pick it up to feed. Despite these 3 different personalities, they are so cute and lovable. After feeding, despite putting them in separate corners in the box in addition to them still not opening their eyes, they often crawl to find each other’s warmth before falling asleep together (see pic attached). The family bond between each other is very endearing.
I would like to appeal to people interested to adopt these kittens and give them a good home. Despite caring for them for only a day, I have already grown attached to them as they are so adorable and sweet-natured. However, my job does not permit me enough time to care for them. If you are interested in adopting them, please call / sms / whatsapp me at 012-9245820. Thank you.

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