Tiger’s Sporanox treatment officially ends today!!

Today, finally, the 30-day post-healing Sporonox medication officially ends for Tiger!

It’s Day 87!!


But since the dosage is 1/2 cap per day and I needed to open up a new capsule today, I will still give him the remaining 1/2 cap tomorrow, making it end on Day 88!

I’ve checked with 3 vets and was told that there are cases where even after the 30-day post-healing administration of Sporanox, sores can still pop up within 2-4 weeks AFTER that.

So, I still have 4 capsules (which is 8 days’ medication – thanks to Kelly Lim’s sharing) and am now contemplating if I should continue for another 8 days, especially when Tiger has not shown symptoms of liver problems so far. I will check with his vet on this.

Updates: The vet says it is not necessary to continue with the extra days of Sporanox.


Yay, Tiger!! We made it!


Ever since we started on his medication, Tiger has had his breakfast outside (because of administration of his medication and supplements). I guess it’s now a habit already. And Tabs tags along too.


When Tiger was first diagnosed with sporotrichosis, at 8 years old and being FIV+ and having more than 10 sores already, his prognosis was not good. One vet even said that according to research studies, FIV+ cats are not even recommended to be treated as the prognosis is too poor. But vets will advise on treatment if the caregiver/owner wants to pursue.

Ultimately, it is very much up to the caregiver. When our pets fall sick, they can only rely on us. We make decisions for them, we care for and nurse them. They totally depend on us.


We will do a whole-body check on Tiger later.


Ming-Yi is very good at checking. She has an eye for such things.


 Nope, we don’t see any sores.



 Tiger will continue with a daily dose of Vetri DMG.

I also give this Immunity and Liver Support to everyone every 2-3 days.


Biopure, the liver supplement from Himalaya

Sporanox is known to be toxic to the liver, so I gave Tiger Biopure right from Day One. Of course, there are also other supplements to protect the liver. One vet shared that he uses another liver supplement which he has found to be very effective.

I’ve been told that Samylin is a good liver supplement too: http://www.vetuk.co.uk/dog-supplements-cat-supplements-liver-supplements-c-5_143/samylin-liver-supplement-30-sachets-p-2192

The vet also explained that the body metabolises Sporanox within 48 hours and it is not stored in the body after that, so Biopure (as a liver supplement) can stop two days after the last dose of Sporanox has been administered. There is no need to continue as its function is to enhance blood flow which also improves immunity, but since Tiger is already on Vetri DMG, this would be redundant.

It’s been 87 days, folks! Thank you very much for all your moral support and kind wishes and prayers for Tiger. Now, we hope that the sporo fungi is gone for good.

Tiger says “thank you” for everything!

Tiger’s sporo journey: http://myanimalcare.org/2014/04/29/tiger-day-54/


Thank you very much, everyone, for standing by me!

Our disclaimer holds. Please consult your veterinarian for advice if your pet is ill. Please do not self-medicate. All of Tiger’s supplements were given after consultation with his vets.

8 comments to Tiger’s Sporanox treatment officially ends today!!

  • Morton

    Hi Tiger Buddy,

    I know you will be healed. Kudos to you and your Mom for talking such goods care of you. I had been waiting for this day to come. May you always be well and healthy!

    Welcome to the Elite Club of Sporo Survivors! Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! …..

  • chankahyein

    Tiger: Thank you, thank you, thank you, Morton my dear friend! I hope no new sores will pop up after this and I can remain in this club forever!

  • Mei Yii

    YAY! Such good news. 🙂

  • Kelly

    Yeah ! yeah ! Yeah ! You + your mommmy made it . I’m so happy for you Tiger dear . May you be free from whatever sporo2 forever ! muack muack muack ..

  • Yasmin


    Great to learn about a success story…I have a cat with sporo. Can you recommend a vet to me please? The one I have seen is telling me either I would die or the cat would. A complete asshole. Please help me out. I am going to continue taking her to a holistic vet who is awesome but she has told me that I will still need to consult a conventional vet on this too. I’m faced with issues with the conventional vets because they are pissing me off like this one I just saw. They think I am so stupid.

    Please help me.

    Thanks again. Yas

  • AIN

    Dear Dr Chan

    My male cat, Hope had a Sporo relapse with a swollen nose.No wounds whatsoever. His appetite seems normal. I plan to treat him at home. For your information, he was treated in a clinic for a month in December from early stage of Sporo.

    Can you please advise me on the medications if I am to treat him at home ?

    Thank you

    • chankahyein

      Dear Ain, It’s best (and very important) that you take Hope to a vet for a proper diagnosis and seek a vet’s advice for the best possible treatment for Hope. Please check your email for further details.