Food donation for Mr Fan Ching Hooi’s factory dogs in Klang

We recently published a post on Mr Fan’s efforts in getting the factory dogs neutered:

These were some photos sent to us:

mini-fan collage

 An anonymous reader wanted to purchase some dogfood for these dogs, so here it is:

mini-photo1 mini-photo2 mini-IMG-20140609-WA0004

Thank you very much, kind reader!

Mr Fan feeds about 28 dogs in the vicinity of the factory area where he works. He has brought 19 dogs to be neutered now and we have been fully sponsoring them at RM150 per dog.

We closed our Food Fund in September last year so that we can channel all our resources to neutering and vaccination, the most basic medical care needed for a street animal. Before doing that, we had already arranged for some of our willing readers to continue sponsoring food to some of our Food Fund recipients.

And if any reader would like to arrange for petfood donation to any caregiver, please feel free to do so. You may write to me for the contact details of the caregiver or you may wish to purchase petfood from our Gift Shop and donate it to the particular caregiver. Then, even more animals will benefit from your giving as all proceeds from the merchandise in our Gift Shop goes to our Fund for the animals.

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