Project Marathon Jon – Update 5 (Photos of training session)

Updates from Jon:

From: jon tham
Date: Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 8:24 AM
Subject: Re: I want to run and raise funds for myanimalcare
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Good Morning Kah Yein,
I’ve been training for the event every week. I feel inspired by the public’s response to the donation tally, even when the event is still 3 months later.
Here are 5 photos of me doing military workout regime yesterday morning at Padang Astaka. This is in preparation for an obstacle / run event which I’ll be participating too. I wore the T-shirt you gave to me, despite knowing that I’ll be dirty at the end of the session and cotton will absorb sweat. Some of the participants in this workout know about my mission to your organisation 🙂

Jon Tham, who recently suffered from a cracked shinbone due to an accident, is now back on his feet after being on crutches for 2 months. He is training from scratch to run in an ultra marathon (50km) in Penang on 6th September 2014. Jon would like to make his comeback to running more meaningful by running to raise funds for us to help street animals.

To donate:

Donations to date: RM1800 (Thank you very much!)

Vincent & the PatioCats RM300
Mong Looi RM100
Chan Kam Loon RM100
Teddybear & XL RM200
Jasmine Ong RM200
Hanee & Ollie RM100
Anonymous RM200
Boh-Jai RM300
Tokyo RM300


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