is seeking “Animal Welfare Warriors”!!

We are supportive of as it encourages people to eat delicious meat-free meals as a means of saving more animal lives. Not everyone can be a rescuer or caregiver, but everyone needs to eat, and one has a choice as to what one eats!’

At, you can get a coupon/sticker and get a discounted meat-free meal at participating restaurants.


Currently, is seeking marketers (called “Animal Welfare Warriors”).

Would you like to join their team….and contribute toward saving more animal lives?

We’re currently seeking some marketers (we call them Animal Welfare Warriors!) for helping with’s F&B recruitment… I’d like to seek your kind help in sharing it on your blog if possible… we have both full time and part time positions available, although part-timers are preferred for now.
Jobstreet link:
People can apply there, or for those that do not have a Jobstreet account, they can contact us directly at:
KindMeal - Wanted Ad

KindMeal - Animal Welfare Warrior Vacancy

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