Oscar’s new friend, Molly (little ginger female, rescued) – adopted!!

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2014/06/21/a-ginger-cat-family-all-females-a-white-boy-todays-rescue-story/

Yesterday, we rescued a family of four female ginger cats (mum and 3 sisters), one grey mum-cat and a white boy. Connie decided to foster one of the ginger girls, now named Molly.

When Connie brought Molly back to the office, there was a lot of hissing, from both sides. Oscar “merajuk”, went to sit in a corner and went on a hunger strike. Molly was hissing (yes, with the slight fever and all).

However, later…things settled down a bit…

Here’s the CCTV footage taken last night:

IMG-20140621-WA0005 IMG-20140621-WA0006 IMG-20140621-WA0008

Isn’t Oscar simply sweet? He’s keeping an eye on little Molly.

So we think perhaps Oscar was a little scared when Molly started hissing, but he actually has a good heart.

And today:


Molly has a fantastic appetite and her defecation and urination are both normal.


Playing hide-and-seek all day!

IMG-20140622-WA0003 IMG-20140622-WA0004

Caught you!

Connie says Oscar is very gentle and careful when playing with Molly. Aww…

And after hours of playing….

IMG-20140622-WA0005 IMG-20140622-WA0006

 …both are flat out…totally!

So I asked Connie if she is adopting Molly. Connie says, “Oscar is!”

Yay!! One adopted from yesterday’s rescue, now…five more to go.

If you would like to adopt any of the other five cats, please write to me at chankahyein@gmail.com. Thank you!

7 comments to Oscar’s new friend, Molly (little ginger female, rescued) – adopted!!

  • Melle

    Aww, so cute. It took my cat, Belle more than a year to accept a kitten I brought home. There were hissing and smacking poor kitten for months. Even now, Belle still hiss at the other cat but can be in the same room.

  • Peggy Quah

    Aw Connie good for you Oscar consented. Wen l rehome Harry my small one in the house hissed n went on hunger strike but only for breakfast by lunch asking for food as Harry was x more arround. Cats….:-D

  • Maneki Neko

    Three cheers for Connie and Oscar! 🙂

  • Joy E. Saga

    Awwwww…. Oscar must have been lonely. Glad he has Molly now 😀

  • Wong Yoke Mei

    Glad that Oscar has a playmate now…. gotta clear all the “breakable” items from the desk areas…. hahahha when they are at it chasing each other, a lot of things go flying… hahhahahh….my 3 Musketeers are like the “twister” they sweep everything up along the way…. 🙂

  • Yellow Bird

    Oh my! What a good boy Oscar is!!