Tshirt updates!

We have the following sizes still available for Grey, Blue, Green and Red, all of which we hope to sell out by the end of this year so that we can move on to new designs.

And as always, we wish to thank Lee Li Lian for her kind and generous offer of contributing RM5 to our Fund for every Grey, Blue and Green tshirt sold. Li Lian has already banked in the latest instalment of RM190 for these tshirts sold (38 pieces).

If you would like to purchase these tshirts, please check for size availability here: www.myanimalcare.org/tshirts/. Please do forward this to your friends too (especially the petite girls as we have a whole stockpile of Ladies 34 left!).

Thank you!


 Ladies 34, 42 and Child 34 left.


Ladies 34, 36, 42 and Sports 42, 44.


Ladies 34, 42, Child 32, 34 and Sports 38, 40, 44.


Child 28 (last 4 pieces!).

And our evergreen all-time favourites…



This GOLD design was the tshirt that kept our Fund afloat for our first two years.

The all-NEW Gold stock will be arriving in the next few days (in time for Pet World 2014, hopefully) and it will be an environmentally friendly tshirt!

Wait for it!!

Thank you very much for your continuous support through the years!

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