Pregnant cat for urgent adoption in Penang – adopted! (Andrew Mong Jih Liang’s)

Updates on 25th June 2014 – Adopted!

The original post:

Andrew Mong would like to look for a home for this pregnant cat as he is leaving Penang soon and there will be no one to look after the cat.

Andrew’s contact details:

Andrew Mong Jih Liang
Location of Kitty: Balik Pulau, Penang

Andrew’s friend wrote this to us, with his consent:

Would you be able to help me post up a cat looking for a carer/home post?
My friend Andrew has a pretty girl cat suddenly appear at his house, and he has been feeding her for a few months, (other than feeding another black kitty). Her tummy seems to be growing bigger and i felt it last night and am thinking she is pregnant already, which is why i am anxious to get her adopted/taken away from this area as last night i witnessed the neighbour trying to kick and throw things at her. *sad*
On top of that, Andrew and wife are also migrating in August, so poor kitty would have no feeder after that.
She is very friendly to humans and other cats, but has weak hind legs (either deformed from birth or due to a beating). She currently sleeps in their porch under the car most days, and they feed her twice a day.
She looks to be ready to give birth soon, and i really don’t want her to go into some neighbour’s house and have her litter there. (We all know what that scenario would be like).
She is located in Balik Pulau, but Andrew would be able to bring her to adopters anywhere on the island.
We will also be willing to fully sponsor her care (and her kitten’s care).

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