Visiting the Ginger family (rescued cats)


We went to visit the ginger family today. These are the 5 cats remaining from the rescue on Saturday. Molly has already been adopted (lucky girl!).


This is the previously emaciated brown-gingerly mum-cat who had just given birth. It’s amazing what four days of good food and care can do. She looks good now. The vet says all are eating very well.


This is the ginger-mum who was paper-thin that day, so severely dehydrated that she had to be given subcut fluids. She too is eating well but is still very shy.


The three kiddos are allowed to play in this area. The vet says they have fantastic appetite and even try to steal food from the adult cats in the cage, including the other cats’ at the clinic. All three have been vaccinated.

This ginger-tabby (she has stripes) is the most “vocal” of the whole lot. She’s the spokeswoman for everyone. I shall call her Hillary.


This must be Hillary’s sister since they are found abandoned together. She is a little shy. Her name will be Mindy.


And even the vet thought this was a boy that day? Nope, she’s a girl! And she is the most feisty of all and she leads the food raid on all the adults’ food bowls. This feisty little thing is only 600g and was found at the bottom of the pile of kittens when she was rescued. She was almost crushed and look at her now. Skin and bones that day, so emaciated and she’s well filled-up now, only after 4 days. She must be a Siamese mix.


WHO says I’m a boy? 

This means all 6 cats found abandoned that day were females. Sigh…do people tend to abandon female cats?

We need a name for this feisty little baby – how about Sydney, after Sydney Bristow (star of Alias)?

Yes, Sydney it will be.


The friendliest of them all is this grey-ginger mum-cat. She also has a lovely bushy tail. Definitely an abandoned pet and had just given birth. Poor girl…


Your name will be Katherine.


And the shy ginger-mum will be Teddy, after Teddy Altman (the cardiothoracic goddess in Grey’s Anatomy).

mini-P6250073 mini-P6250077

Judging on looks alone (which isn’t fair, I know, but that’s how the world works), perhaps it would be quite easy to find a home for Katherine?


Teddy? Dr Altman, please don’t be shy…

The best news of the day is one of our readers has volunteered to look after the three baby girls, so we are taking them home.


Sydney has eye discharge, but is otherwise as feisty as ever. Eating like….nobody’s business.

mini-P6250082 mini-P6250083

Hillary and Mindy have no health issues. Both are eating well too.

Ginger girls! Anyone interested?


PicMonkey Collage

The three girls were vaccinated three days ago.

Let’s go home now, girls!

mini-P6250087 mini-P6250091

They were quite quiet in the car.

mini-P6250093 mini-P6250094

 Many, many thanks to our reader who has offered to look after these 3 baby girls.

We are looking for adopters. If you are interested, please contact me at

Thank you!






8 responses to “Visiting the Ginger family (rescued cats)”

  1. Susan

    So cute :3 Hope they will find good owner 🙂

  2. Kelly

    wow..great to know all are well 😉 . May I know you do u have any idea where to get a reliable automatic food dispenser like the one , big black container food dispenser shown on photos no.3 ? Thank you .

    1. chankahyein

      I have seen it sold in pet stores.

  3. Kelly

    Eh… Can i guess it is at the one near your house ;-P , because i can’t find that at Shah Alam / Klang area.

    1. chankahyein

      Yes, the one near my house has, I think…

  4. Kelly

    okie , thanks !! . 😉

  5. adelyn

    Could you please let me know there is white kitten is it still available at your place? and what is gender? how many months?

    1. chankahyein

      Dear Adelyn, The white kitten is estimated to be less than 2 months old. Her name is Sydney and she is a girl. For more information, please write to me at