Spaying subsidy for 6 female cats (Wong May Pheng’s)

Ms Wong May Pheng @ Siti Zubaidah Wong is a new applicant.

Ms Wong looks after the cats in her neighbourhood and has been getting the cats spayed on her own. She recently she heard about our subsidies and would now like to apply for our funds. Ms Wong is not internet-savvy, so she got a friend to write to us for the form and she posted the completed form, the receipt and hardcopy photographs of the cats (I have taken a photograph of the hardcopies to be published here).

We have subsidised RM600 for the spaying of these 6 female cats (BB, Campur, Hitam-Putih, Hitam, Mami, Orange).

mini-BB mini-Campur mini-Hitam Putih mini-Hitam mini-Mami mini-Orange


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