Pet World 2014 Day 1, and today is Day 2

Yesterday was Pet World Day 1, and being a Friday, it was a manageable Friday crowd. The crowd will be good in the weekend, which is today and tomorrow.

Connie and I had already brought our things to the venue on Thursday so this helped a lot. We only needed to set up our booth, which was fast and we were ready for the crowd when the event opened.


Koo was at our booth, to lend support and get Bacoff products and our cat pillows!

In fact, quite a number of our blog readers came by to say hello and meet us for the first time. It is really, really heart-warming that our readers come from far and wide just to meet us and brave the infamous Mid Valley jam at the parking lot. Now we have faces to the many names who fervently read our blog daily.

In fact, Chucky & Blackie came too, first thing in the morning (our first visitor and donor for the day!), and we didn’t know it was Chucky & Blackie…until after Chucky & Blackie left! Chucky & Blackie left clues…!


The crowd was slightly better during lunch hour.


mini-P6270060If you’d like to get Bacoff products, please come to our booth. No other booth is selling their products for Pet World this year.

We have the following:

Pet Area Sanitiser 500ml (the hot seller) RM19.90
Pet Area All Purpose 500ml RM19.90

Hand Sanitiser 50ml RM10

Dishwashing Liquid 500ml RM21.90
Fruit and Vegetable Wash 500ml RM21.90

Our top seller yesterday was the Pet Area Sanitiser and another friend who has used the Pet Area All Purpose says he loves it too.

All proceeds from these Bacoff products come to our Fund for the animals. Thank you, Eco Trader!


How to use:

Add Fruit and Veggie Wash to water (1 part in 10 parts of water)
Soak fruit and veggies for 5 minutes.
Drain off water.
Keep fruit and veggies in fridge.

According to the supplier, the product will remove topical pesticides, bacteria and pathogens, hence, your fruit and veggies will have a longer shelf life. In Australia, it is estimated to give a 1-2 week longer shelf life. There is no need for rinsing because all ingredients are food grade.


Recommended use:

Dilute 1 part in 100 parts of water in a mixing bottle and use!

If for RM21.90, you can get 100 bottles of eco-friendly (will not harm the rivers and ocean) dishwashing liquid, it comes up to just 21 sen per bottle. No harmful chemicals! It’s food grade. The turtles and all marine life will be so thankful. Even if you prefer it stronger, then make 50 bottles and it’s just 42 sen per bottle. Share it with your friends and get more people to be friendly to the environment! We are animal lovers, this is what we can do.

All Bacoff products are biodegradable, eco-friendly, organic and safe for us, our animals and the environment.

Let’s move on to using environmentally friendly products so that we can sleep easy at night knowing we have not harmed the environment, especially the rivers and the ocean. Chemical-based household products can be very harmful to the ocean, and hence, to the sustenance of life itself.

The prices are competitive; it won’t cause us a fortune to be friendly to the environment!


Our top selling tshirt yesterday was the Gold Unbleached! Buyers loved the extremely sort natural feel of the unbleached cotton!

AND…we have completely sold out on our Red. The last four pieces were bought up yesterday!

Our target is to sell out Blue, Green and Grey as well so that we can move on to new designs, or maybe reprint old popular designs in a new colour.


Our soap and toothpaste sold well too.


Come get our free books too!


My mum sewed 9 cat pillows and we sold 8!

Today, we will have 15 cat pillows and 8 packets of silvervine powder (by request, yesterday) – First come, first served!


Homemade keychains available too!

My mum made them.

mini-chooi wan

 Here’s a photo with one of our dedicated blog readers, Ms CW Lee who brought her colleague to meet us. Meeting Ms Lee for the very first time, but Ms Lee has been a blog reader for years!

Thank you very much to all readers who visited us yesterday.

We hope to see more today!

How to locate us at Pet World:


This exhibition hall is located at Level 3, Mid Valley Mall.

As you enter, ask for Hall 2.

Go towards the back of Hall 2 and look to your right.


Then, look up for the rest rooms signage on the wall.

You cannot miss this. It’s so big on the wall.


Our booth number is 275 and we are located right in front of the rest rooms.

See you there!!

We also express our heartfelt appreciation to the organisers of Pet World 2014 for giving us this free NGO booth.

Thank you very much, Pet World!

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