Pet World 2014 Day 2

Saturday – Day 2 of Pet World and it’s an unusually quiet day, by Pet World standards. Or maybe it’s because we are located so far back that the crowd does not come to our area.


All ready and waiting for the crowd to come in.


Today we had Terry and Kelly joining us.


The first visitor for today was the mother of one of our friends!

mini-IMG-20140628-WA0011 mini-IMG-20140628-WA0012

Koo came by with one of his rescued dogs (for a laser treatment for hip dysplasia).

Some photos taken around the hall:

mini-IMG-20140628-WA0005 mini-IMG-20140628-WA0006 mini-IMG-20140628-WA0007 mini-IMG-20140628-WA0008 mini-IMG-20140628-WA0009


Children interested in our books!

A most encouraging sight.

mini-P6280082 mini-P6280076 mini-P6280078

This is Rinny Leong.

In March 2013, Rinny donated her entire set of TY soft toys to us for fundraising:

Today, she came all the way with a whole bag of boutique apparel to donate to us again, for fundraising. These are brand new imported boutique products. It ranges from winter clothing to evening dinner dresses. None of them is made from fur; the furry apparel is synthetic. We will probably auction these off to raise funds, so do please wait for that to happen!


Here’s one of the winter items.

Thank you very much, Rinny. For one so young, you have an extraordinarily generous heart!

Today, it was truly heart-warming on three occasions when (a) two young girls came by with instructions from their mum to purchase (for the mum) two of our tshirts, (b) a gentleman came by with instructions from her sister to purchase the pet spray and (c) another filial son came by with instructions from his father in Melaka to purchase the pet spray.

And of course, meeting our dedicated and loyal readers for the very first time.

Oreo and Hazel’s mum and dad dropped in too!

There were also many visitors who hadn’t heard about our subsidies and some were really looking for help with their rescues. So meeting them was heavensent as we can now extend our help to more individual rescuers and help more street animals.

Top selling items for the day: Gold Unbleached Tshirt, the pet spray and Bacoff Pet Area Sanitiser!

Tomorrow will be the last day. We hope to see you there.

To locate us:

Go to Hall 2.
Walk towards the back of Hall 2 and turn right.
Look for the rest rooms signage on the wall.
We are right in front of the rest rooms.

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