Pet World 2014 Day 3 (the final day)

This morning, it was Joy Saga and me manning the booth and the crowd was unexpectedly and exceptionally good. I hadn’t foreseen this, especially based on the small crowds on Friday and Saturday, so it was quite a challenge for the two of us to man three stands – the Bacoff stand, the tshirt stand and our other-products stand!

Terry soon arrived and that was a big help!


We’re all in Gold Unbleached today!

By the way, the Gold Unbleached is our No. 1 top-selling tshirt in this event and we sold out on three sizes at the end of today.


This family visits us every year and supports our cause.

I see this young boy growing taller every year and his mum would buy him one of our tshirts. We are very grateful.


My favourite scene at every event is young children reaching out for our books.


E-books may be the fashion of the future but until that happens, the hardcopy still plays a role.


Cat pillow mania!


This is Izzie, owner of Sookie Store from Kuantan. She dropped in to purchase our tshirts!

Through the help of a reader, Hazwani Hamshah and our kind sponsor for the postage of books, Antara Optima Sdn Bhd, Izzie has been helping to distribute our books at her store in Kuantan.


This lovely young lady told me my book, Do We have a Choice, has inspired her to reconsider her diet choices and she is very happy with her meat-free choice.


A young supporter!


Today, there were lots of “favourite scenes” for me!

A mother even came to our booth and told us that our books have converted her 10 year-old daughter into an animal rescuer and her daughter has now rescued 4 kittens. Another mother told us her daughter considers my book, Here for a Reason, such a precious book that she keeps it under lock and key. The daughter was at our booth too, so she collect our other books, I autographed them for her and suggested that she could now share that other book at home (under lock and key) with a friend!

It’s amazing that books can reach out to young children in unexpected ways and it is very encouraging that parents are supportive of their children’s efforts. This is really good for the long run.

When I started writing, I never knew I’d be able to reach out to young children. It just goes to show how mature young children can be these days and what an impact we adults can make on their growing minds and hearts.


This lovely lady bought our Gold Unbleached yesterday and she is wearing it today!

Thank you very much for your show of support!


Another favourite scene!

Li Lian, our friend who is sponsoring RM5 for every Grey, Green and Blue tshirt sold arrived later in the afternoon to help out. Connie arrived in the evening and stayed until closing.

We were swarmed at the booth so there was no time to take photos!

We are really happy that we were able to reach out to many new visitors and tell them about our neutering subsidies. We hope to see more new applicants after this event as this would mean more street animals would be neutered and vaccinated.


My personal thanks go to Connie, Kelly, Terry, Joy and Li Lian for taking time off to help out at our booth for the three days.

We extend our grateful appreciation to the organisers of Pet World 2014 for inviting us to be a part of their annual event and giving us the opportunity to share our message of kindness to animals with so many visitors.

Thank you very much to everyone who dropped in to visit us and to support our cause.

Last but not least, I am touched that many of our visitors were blog readers and almost everyone asked, “Has Timmy come back?” Unfortunately, Timmy has not, but I will continue to wait. The moment I see him, I will blog it immediately. Thank you very much for your kind concern – it is very comforting.

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  • Melle

    Woah, missed that as I was not well. I could have stocked up on soap, toothpaste and gotten pillows for my kitties.