Cero, neutered male cat for URGENT adoption – adopted! (Wong Ee Lynn’s)

Updates on 4th July 2014 – Adopted!!

The original post:

Below is a request from Wong Ee Lynn. If you are able to help by adopting Cero, please contact Ee Lynn directly.

Wong Ee Lynn: email wongeelynn@yahoo.com. hp 013 228 6812

Location: Klang Valley

My colleague and I need help, please. My colleague has been TNR-ing the cats outside her apartment and when she returned today, the guards informed her that the apartment management had ordered them to catch and “get rid of” the cats. The other cats have run off. The one that remains and is vulnerable is Cero. We have created a Petfinder profile for Cero but we have not received a response yet. This is Cero’s Petfinder profile: http://www.petfinder.my/pets/58327
Cero has an imperfectly-healed old fracture which means he is a little slow in walking and running, but he can use the litter tray, walk and do all the things that a normal kitty would. He has been vaccinated and neutered. We hope you will be able to help us share the photo and particulars of Cero to help him find a home urgently. My colleague has taken him upstairs but as she already has 2 other cats in her small apartment, she needs to find Cero a good forever home.


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  • Norely Abd Rahman

    Please try to post on Malaysian Cats Free Adoption fb page. It has been very successful for all my rescues.