The search for Timmy goes on…

Today, I distributed a Missing Timmy flyer to the house down the road (where there was the recent wake). I was lucky that the house-owner happened to be driving in and she and her daughter were very friendly and helpful. Apparently they are cat-lovers too and feed many community cats in their garden.

But they hadn’t seen Timmy before.

Then, I went to four vet clinics to ask if anyone had brought in Timmy and also to put up the poster. None of the vets or their assistants had seen Timmy.

I’m going round the neighbourhood on foot after this.

The search continues…

2 comments to The search for Timmy goes on…

  • All the best…Hope your perseverance pays off. Timmy is a favorite of mine. I just love his happy days dance and his easygoing character

  • Chen

    All the best in the Timmy hunt. Don’t forget to bring a jar of kibbles to shake occasionally.