Updates on Ella, the pregnant cat with deformed hind legs

It is not often that we can find an adopter for a pregnant cat, and what more one with deformed hind legs, but sometimes, we get lucky!

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2014/06/26/pregnant-cat-with-deformed-hind-leg-is-adopted/

Andrew’s friend, Bernice Chee (yes, our volunteer and now living in Australia), liaised with us on this adoption and she is the one who offered to pay for the upkeep of the cat, now lovingly named “Ella”. We asked one of our readers for help and voila, she found us an adopter!

Below is an update from the adopter:

Trying to take a picture of her is proving difficult. She waddles fast. .has taken over the guest room. Knows to poo n pee in the bathroom n sleeps  under the bed even though there’s a comfy cat bed for her..
I can see why you both adore her…I wish she didn’t feel threatened by the other cats. .Otherwise she could be sunbathing in the garden.
Thank you for your contribution towards her upkeep. .it helps but even if you haven’t thought of it..it wouldn’t have mattered because my husband n I have fallen in love with her.

According to the vet, Ella is due to deliver anytime already. So we got her off the streets in the nick of time!

Bless everyone who has helped in this adoption, particularly our reader who made it possible!

Thank you so much!!

2 comments to Updates on Ella, the pregnant cat with deformed hind legs

  • Bern

    🙂 I am happy beyond words, and am thanking the universe and all who have helped made a different to this precious life and the lives of her babies. What an amazing outcome. THANK YOU!!

  • Wong Yoke Mei

    Bless the kind adopter for having so much love for another helpless being…. 🙂