Feeding and looking after the homeless (I mean the street animals)

The recent ban on soup kitchens and feeding homeless humans is drawing flak from Malaysians from all walks of life. It’s good to know that the majority of Malaysians are still very compassionate and have no qualms about standing up and speaking up for the plight of these less fortunate humans.

But I was quite disturbed by a comment I saw yesterday, in the numerous posts on this issue. It said: Homeless humans are not animals.

Oh my….that’s not very nice, is it? What’s wrong with animals?

But that’s the sad reality, isn’t it? Animal charity is the hardest charity to run and sustain because in general, many humans fail to see that animals too are living, feeling beings, worthy of kindness and respect. Worthy of respectful and thoughtful treatment.

Some years back, I was chatting with a friend who runs a soup kitchen for homeless humans. We got talking and she said, “Hey, we’re doing the same, aren’t we? Only I’m doing it for humans and you’re doing it for animals!” I guess we are. Her soup kitchen not only feeds, but also helps in medical care, finding jobs and finding rooms for the homeless to stay in, which is pretty much what we do too, except for the “finding jobs” part. But the difference would be that homeless humans don’t get captured and euthanised whereas homeless animals are subject to this danger and risk.

Reflecting on this, we cannot help but salute all of you here who are doing something very much more difficult than feeding homeless humans – feeding and looking after homeless street animals. You come up against even more objections and difficulties (the list is endless) and yet you plod on relentlessly, never giving up.

We salute you, street animal caregivers, for your resilience, perseverance, dedication and courage.

At the same time, we hope the homeless humans and their caregivers see better days ahead.

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  • Joy Saga

    Finding jobs you did! Ginger is the QC for the blankets and the rest have their “jobs” too! Sentry job is no easy task and they keep your home snake free ;p