Are there such things as “humane meat”?

Please watch this:

There is nothing gross in the video at all. Just the facts presented in a satirical dialogue between a shopper and a “meat expert”.

In some countries, they market “humane”, “organic”, “free range”, “grass-fed”, “cage-free” meat. Are there such things, really?

There was once when a vet asked me why I couldn’t accept that animals are humanely slaughtered at factory farms. “It’s humane slaughtering”, she said.

Is there such a thing as “humane slaughtering”?

inhumane meat

I don’t think we can sleep well at night if we choose to remain ignorant or choose not to know. That’s food that we put into our bodies and we need to know where they come from and how they are produced.

And when it comes to food, we do have a choice.

About two years back, I was still buying kampung eggs (the so-called “free range” unfertilised eggs) and I ignorantly thought the chickens were happy and would not be harmed until I asked the person who owns the “free-range” farm and learnt the horrible truth. I’ve never bought kampung eggs ever since.

We are thinking, intelligent human beings but it puzzles me tremendously that when it comes to food, people come up in arms and would defend their choices vehemently and all teachings of compassion and kindness take a back seat.

Are the pleasures of the tongue so hard to resist and control?

mini-face to face

I had this at Face-to-Face two days ago as I was passing by at lunch time, in between running errands. It’s the only meat-free dish on the menu and I could even request for the vegetarian ham to be replaced with more sayur manis. They threw in the tofu as a bonus.

So, we do have a choice, don’t we?

Have a meaningful meat-free Friday!

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