How is your paw, Bunny?

Yesterday, Bunny rested his paw on one of his cat pillows!

Bunny's paw

Isn’t this cute?
(Note: This is NOT photoshopped; he did it by himself!)

As of last night, I think Bunny feels normal again and the pain must be minimal as he had started playing again. Today, he is as normal as he can be.

The medicine and supplements are really good, when “working together”. Bunny was given Vetri DMG and Transfer Factor for the first day, I sprayed the pet spray lavishly for the first two days too. He is also on a 7-day Clavomox antibiotic course. Since he doesn’t like swallowing the capsule and also does not like the taste of the TF powder, I’ve stopped giving it to him, but he is still on Vetri DMG. Also, his wounds are healing well and there is no swell, so I think Vetri DMG is sufficient. I only give TF when it’s serious.

He’s back at his clubhouse chair now.

Thank you, everyone, for wishing Bunny well. Bunny says “thank you” too!

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