Spay-neuter and vaccination subsidies for 5 rescued cats


Out of the 8 adult cats we picked up on 6th July 2014, two were suspected to be pregnant, but after boarding for 6 days, it was found that only one was pregnant while 2 were only 4 months old (too young and not heavy enough to be neutered yet). So, 5 cats have been neutered (3 females and 2 males). We have fully sponsored RM160 for the two males and subsidised RM300 for the three females.

The five cats have also been vaccinated. The pregnant cat had flu so she was treated with medication and is well now. We have subsidised RM125 for the five vaccinations.

The balance of the bill is covered by Donald Duck and Tabs & Associates.

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These are the vaccination cards:

mini-P7130183 mini-P7130184 mini-P7130185 mini-P7130186 mini-P7130188

This morning, we went to collect the cats. We are very thankful that one of our readers have agreed to take over these 5 adults and the pregnant mother-cat and will rehome the cats to her own circle of friends.


The pregnant cat gets her own private carrier.


The other five are here.

All six are now at their foster home. We thank our reader very much for her very kind offer to help us with these cats. Arrangements will be made to spay the mother-cat after delivery and breastfeeding (if she is not adopted yet by then).




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