Meat Free Mondays in schools

Take a look:

The government is getting behind the idea too: “Encourage all children to have a meat-free day each week, using alternatives such as pulses, soya mince, tofu and Quorn”, is one of their “Top Tips” in the recently launched School Food Standards: A practical guide for schools their cooks and caterers, applicable in English schools from January.

The healthy school food momentum is growing in other parts of the world too. More and more education establishments are providing weekly meat-free days including four whole US school districts: Los Angeles, Baltimore, South Miami and San Diego. In Europe, cities such as Ghent, Helsinki and Gothenburg provide meat-free days through their public catering and a large number of schools in Asia support Meat Free Monday including in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

If you go to a school, work at a school or have children at a school, why not make the 2014-15 school year a Meat Free Monday one? Check out case studies, more videos and ideas for getting started HERE.

meatfree monday

Children look forward to Meat Free Mondays!


They get to prepare their meals in class, learn about vegetables and nutrition.

What a great way to learn!

Try it with your children?  Teach them kindness by going meat free as often as you can.

Go Meatless as often as you can

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