Neutering sponsorship for Ollie the Cat (Terng Xiang Yue’s)

We have fully sponsored RM100 for Ollie’s neutering.

From: Terng Xiang Yue 
Date: Sat, Jul 12, 2014 at 12:49 PM
Subject: Fwd:
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

Hello again,

Ollie is a kitten I rescued from a food stall in Puchong. I was having my dinner in 18 June 2014 and he was found lying motionless and so skinny.

I bent down and touched him and he was alive. I tried to give him water and I went to 7-11 to buy a small packet of cat food but he refused to eat. I wanted to walk away but somehow I can’t do it.

I took him home and the next day I took him to the vet who said he is just hungry and dehydrated. I need to quarantine him for at least 2 weeks before Dr can neuter him.

I am claiming for neutering subsidy and next week, I will take him for vaccinate.

My grandmother is ok to foster him until I can get him adopted.

Kindly let me know if my pic are ok or not. It was tough to take photo of his scar cos he kept on moving. If the photo not ok, pls let me know and I will wait for my father to come home to take again.

Thank you.


Ollie Ollie - scar2


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