Ella’s babies are 1 week old!

Ref: http://myanimalcare.org/2014/07/08/ella-gives-birth-to-two-beautiful-kittens/

Bernice sent these:

ella 1 ella 2

Ella was a pregnant cat (with deformed hind legs) in Penang, fed by Bernice’s friend, Andrew. But Andrew would be migrating soon, so he needed to find a home for Ella and he didn’t want her giving birth on the street. So we blogged for help and adoption. Our reader helped us find Ella a home and it was in Perak! Bernice (who was holidaying in Penang at the time) and Andrew drove Ella down to Perak.

Ella is now in a loving home and she gave birth last week to two beautiful babies. She had placenta retention too, but because of her new family’s care and attention, that was taken care of by the vet without any incident. Despite her deformed hind legs, Ella’s new family loves her very much.

Bernice is supporting Ella and her family with financial assistance. So, we have an Australian supporting a former Penang cat, now under the loving care of a family in Perak, thanks to our reader in Selangor! If this is not true to our motto, “Working together for the animals”, I don’t know what is!

Could we have more of these happening?

Love stretches beyond geographical boundaries!

Thank you, everyone!

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