Ginger’s supervised orientation (with no mishaps)

Today, I took a chance and let Ginger into Bunny’s room when everyone was asleep after dinner.


Tabs is friends with Ginger outside. After all, they have breakfast together, but surprisingly when inside, Tabs wasn’t friendly anymore. But she wasn’t hostile either. Just indifferent and neutral, like, “What are you doing here? I think you are in the wrong place, Mister.”


The two titans were asleep.


Cow woke up and looked.

I kept my eyes on Cow and I think I didn’t even dare to blink. I was sitting right next to Ginger ready to scoop him up at the first millisecond of danger.

Cow has the speed of lightning and the precision of a micrometre screw gauge with zero error.


Pole walks in, but I know Pole will never attack anyone.


What are you doing in here? 


My eyes were on Cow at all times.

Cow actually woke up, looked at Ginger, rolled on his tummy and went back to sleep.

Cow must be “drugged”?


Tabs wasn’t exactly friendly.


 After five minutes, time’s up, Ginger. Let’s go back outside.

Thus was Ginger’s first orientation into Bunny’s Place, under strict supervision.


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