Ikea’s initiative to rehome shelter dogs in Singapore

Aznita shared this: http://mashable.com/2014/07/20/ikea-dog-adoption/

It’s Ikea Singapore teaming up with shelters to help rehome their dogs by encouraging customers to adopt the shelter dogs.

We hope other retail outlets and malls will follow too.

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A friend who has done the math told me that if each household were to adopt ONE (yes, just one) street animal, it would reduce the street animal population drastically and very significantly.

Don’t buy. Adopt from the street, from rescuers or shelters.

Meanwhile, neuter, neuter, neuter!

We will help you if you are an honest individual caregiver who needs subsidies for neutering street animals and if you are not supported by any other sources.

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  • Bern

    Bravo IKEA…A step in the right direction for a business. Now to get more businesses to come onboard as well.