Spaying subsidy for 2 female community dogs in Kangar, Gina & Kao (Lim Tiang Seouk & Nujtiya Chareansouk’s)

We have subsidised RM300 for the spaying of Kao and Gina.

From: Nujtiya Chan 
Date: Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 7:54 AM
Subject: Request for Neutering Claim
To: “” <>

Hi Dr. Chan,
Last Monday (14/7) I have sent 2 strays dogs in Kangar for neutering at Alor Setar.
Bill Amount is RM520 and I wish to claim for neutering subsidy RM300 (RM150 x 2 dogs).
Please find attached the photos, form and receipt.
Just to share with you that the white colour dog that we sent for neutering is blind at one side, she lost her left eye. She came to our taman I think a year ago but we don’t now the reason why she’s blind. Might be inborn, might be tortured by somebody. She is friendly but dare not get closer to us including my mum. I spent about an hour to “coax” her and finally I managed to brought her home for the next day neutering.
Last 2014 April, she just delivered 6 puppies and luckily 3 male puppies were adopted by a very kind lady & her mum. Her mum will bring these puppies back to butterworth, she own a fruit garden there.
I also attached the photos for sharing. As for the other 3 puppies (2 females & 1 male), my mum will release them in our Taman and plan to bring them for neutering in this October.
Thank you.
mini-1 Gina (before)
mini-2 Gina (after) mini-3 Gina (after) mini-4 kao (before)
mini-5 kao (after) mini-adopt mini-adopt2 Adoption


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