This biker helped a duck family cross the highway!


(Your heart might stop a few times watching this video, but don’t worry, the whole duck family made it across safely, up to the last little duckling – thanks to the heroic biker!)

When traffic is piling up on the road and you’ve got places to go, it can be tempting to want to do anything to go faster or get out there without stalling. But in this video, drivers come face-to-face with a duck crossing and are forced to stop and let the ducks do their thing.

Many people might have let this little duck family waddle across the highway on their own, without stopping to help. But thanks to one biker’s human intervention, a family of ducks escaped a fateful death of being run over.

The ducks came close to their death several times while they were waddling across the highway. In the video, you can see the ducks weaving under a car, and you think they almost might not make it until the biker’s hand comes into the frame. Instead of driving by and leaving the ducks to their own devices, this biker stops traffic and makes people yield to the ducks. He actually gets off of his bike and walks over to the side of the road to make sure the ducks are safe!

It is so inspiring to see compassionate acts like this happening in the world, especially considering the extent of which human activity has infringed on animal habitats. When animals get into sticky, dangerous situations, it is only proper to help them get out and onto safe ground.

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And we shall continue to post positive vibes on this blog as we don’t see any point in all the fighting and quarrels that are going on in the world. The world needs more positive vibes. The world isn’t perfect (nobody says it is), but we can focus on the positive and encourage more positive acts and thoughts.

Little random acts of kindness DO matter. Never mind if there is evil in the world – who can change that? We do our part and spread kindness around.

Kudos to the heroic biker!!

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