Adopting an elderly dog: Norman’s (aka Bear’s) story


Life is far from easy for older dogs at animal shelters. Most people come in looking for a puppy and pass right by the senior dogs, who are usually more susceptible to health problems in the shelter environment. Most people don’t realize that there are many advantages to owning a senior dog, like all the love and appreciation they have for their new parents who saved them.

Meet Bear, a 16-year-old homeless dog who no one wanted. Bear was not always a stray, he was abandoned and found all alone with no identification. This German Shepherd mix was dirty, and had matted fur or chunks of his coat missing. He was malnourished. He had no meat on his bones and was a skeleton of a dog.

One day, a family came in and walked past all the yapping puppies to the quiet, sad looking soul in the corner. They decided to take a chance on this sweet dog who no one else paid any attention to. This story proves that Bear, who is now known as Norman in his new life, only needed a little love to turn around his tragic past. All dogs deserve a second chance, no matter how old they are. Don’t you agree?

Please check out the rest of Bear/Norman’s story below and SHARE it to help other animals in need.



This reminds me of Karuna, a dog we rescued in 2011: Karuna was an abandoned elderly (spayed) dog, rescued with more than 20 bite wounds all over her body after being attacked by a pack of wild dogs near the temple. She was in a lateral recumbent (thought to be paralysed) condition for the first week. Upon recovery, she was fostered by my mother and after a few months, adopted by an elderly man where she lived out her life as his loyal companion.


Remembering Karuna.


We attempted to get her spayed and discovered she had already been spayed.

Such can be the fate of an abandoned, lost or homeless animal.

Adopt, please don’t buy.

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