A cat family, rescued and rehomed

It is really sad that in this last one week, many cat families (formerly pets) have been found abandoned or surrendered.

We were alerted to one cat family (a mother and three young kittens) who were abandoned by their owners. Luckily one of our readers offered to take over the family and provide a safe home for them over the long Hari Raya holidays.

Others may not be so lucky, so let us do our best to help these poor innocent animals who have been left without a home by their families. Even catteries in shelters are full to the brim. This phenomenon is often observed during the festive seasons.

The lucky cat family, rescued and rehomed today:


On the way to safety.


Safe, at last.


How would these poor little things survive if left on the street?


Safe and sound. What a relief!

Many thanks to our reader who offered to keep them during this break and thank you, Connie, for transporting them.