Ginger missing until 6pm… Back home now!

dinner at patio

In the last week or so, Ginger has been coming back late for dinner almost every day. Dinner is at 3.30pm, and Ginger is usually missing. But he would come back by 5pm and have his dinner separately. Sometimes, Mr Zurik is missing too, but he comes in at about 4pm.

But today, Ginger was missing until 6pm.

I pressed the panic button and went out to look for him. I asked the security guard who actually laughed and said, “Aunty ni, selalu saja cari kucing…” He said he had not seen Ginger (I always have a photo of each cat in my phone). I sent Ginger’s photo to the shelter and asked if anyone had surrendered Ginger. I did also think that perhaps Ginger’s “other family” had sent him away for boarding for the holidays.

But my yardstick is always Daffodil. If Daffodil looked worried, I would worry. But Daffodil was leisurely snoozing in the porch with Rosie.

By 6.15pm, I spotted Ginger on our roof. Yes, not the neighbour’s roof, but our own roof.

Come back, Ginger!!

Ginger is back

He wasn’t in any hurry…but he came back. From our roof, jumped over to the neighbour’s to make his way back.


He didn’t seem hungry either.


But I fed him twice. Once on Primal and once on Merrick kibble with his mum.


I’m okay, don’t worry…I just overslept.

So this seems to be Ginger’s daily pattern nowadays. After dinner, he will stay in the house until the next morning. He even comes upstairs (with Heidi) to wake me up. Very politely too. He does not jump onto the bed, but calls politely at the door. Then, he has breakfast with everyone and sees me off to work. By the time I come home from work, I might not see him anymore until dinner. So, during the time when I am not at home, Ginger is also not at home. Where does he go??

Ahh…the mysterious life of the cat!

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