Peanut, Sugar & Charcoal, 3 dogs for adoption (Joanne Lim’s)

If you would like to adopt these dogs, kindly contact Joanne directly.

Location: Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya

From: PPG <>
Date: Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 6:08 AM
Subject: New loving home needed for Sugar peanut and charcoal
To: “” <>

Hi Dr. Chan,

How are you? I got your contact from a friend and would like to ask if you can post these dogs for adoption on your site.

We run a pet hotel and recently these 3 dogs’ (Peanut, Sugar and Charcoal) owner had just passed away. The owner’s daughter was busy with funeral so decided to leave them under our care. After the funeral was over, the daughter made many excuses to delay their pick up day by day and eventually ignored all our phone calls and messages. The dogs have been with us for 4 months already and we realized that the daughter will never come and bring them home again.

These dogs are pretty old. They are about 11 years old with some health issues. Sugar (chihuahua) has arthritis, Charcoal (black poodle) has cataract and Peanut (chihuahua mix) has a lump on the chest. Charcoal and Peanut is toilet trained and not picky with food while Sugar only eats with canned food.

We are not sure how long more the dogs will be alive considering their age. Maybe several months (or a year?) and we just hope that someone kind would take them in so that they at least get a home and family again before they go off. Even if they die, at least they die happy in a loving home than abandoned. We are sure their previous owner loved them a lot and it’s just very unfortunate that this has to happen to them.

Let me know if you can help or if you need any other information. We are okay whether the adopters would like to adopt them individually or all together. Thanks a lot!


Joanne Lim
Pet Playground Team

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