If you hit a dog in Portugal, you go to jail

Source: http://www.pangeatoday.com/if-you-hit-a-dog-in-portugal-you-go-to-jail/

The Portuguese government has made the mistreatment of animals a crime.

Those who inflict pain or cause suffering to a dog, cat, bird or other domestic animal may be sentenced to up to one year in jail. If the animal dies or is seriously injured, the person responsible will spend two years behind bars.

Owners who abandon their pets in the streets may also have to answer in court. If it is proven that a person endangered the safety of an animal while letting it loose, he or she may get six months in jail.

The new law was approved by four of the five political groups represented in the Portuguese parliament, including the three major parties.

The only party that voted against the law, the Portuguese Communist Party, said that heavy fines would be enough to prevent people from mistreating their pets.

The law criminalizing animal cruelty will undergo a final vote in late July but is highly likely to pass.

Kudos to Portugal!

I would vote for a party that supports animals rights or is at least sympathetic towards the plight of street animals and pass legislation that protects animals.

Wouldn’t you?

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