Male dog for adoption (Virginia Liew Pooi See’s)

If interested, please contact Virginia directly.

Location: Selangor

Can pls help to share this post to try help him find home? Hope can help. Urgent Need for adopt. Male – 4-5 years – neutered. 15kg above. Free adoption. Area: SELANGOR 2 month ago he have skin problem, almost no hair and too skinny. I trying bring him back to help and bring him to vet medical & Neutered. Now he is get well and cover hair, I can’t keep him anymore, is cost I already have 3 dogs + 18 cats to waiting new home. No more time to take care him anymore. He’s is smart, no PuuPuu inside house, unless you not let him out, than he PuuPuu . When he know you driving out, he will not follow, he will stay back in house. Unless you are walking out, than he will think u want bring him out to walk. Pls feel free contact me at What’s app / WeChat – 0126381003 / 0125201003

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