Teacup animals – a cause for concern

We received a message from an animal lover about the breeding and sale of teacup animals, particularly teacup dogs and cats as well as teacup pigs (also known as pot belly pigs), and we would like to share these links:



Concerns have been raised about the wisdom (and kindness) of intentionally breeding such small animals. Among the concerns: smaller sizes mean thinner bones and smaller organs. Some teacup dogs have breathing problems because their passages are so very small.

Apart from possible health issues, there is another grave concern. There are already too many abandoned pet dogs and cats, adding to the growing stray population in our country. The problem of abandonment is a very real problem in this country which needs to be addressed with education and legislation.

Normal-sized former pets may be able to survive out there on the streets, though it is already very difficult for them, given that the majority of the community isn’t exactly animal-friendly. But if teacup animals, who are already very vulnerable due to their size and health issues, are abandoned, how are they going to survive?

If you read the second link above, it tells of Rosie, a teacup pig who was bought and loved by her owners, but they had not realised the multitude of health problems which miniaturised animals, such as Rosie, would face: lower bone density leading to fractures, weakened immune system, sensitive skin, hoof problems, etc. According to the article, while their life expectancy is 20, most of them do not even make it past five. Finally, as much as Rosie was loved, she was surrendered.

This is a very real problem with serious ramifications, especially in our country where the abandonment of pets is still prevalent.

Please do not support the breeding of teacup animals.

Please do not support any form of breeding of animals.

Adopt from the shelters, from rescuers or from the street. Please do not buy.

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  • Akmar

    Honestly Dr. Chan, I find it hard to brain this idea. I mean, the only thing that I want in my teacup is my chosen beverages.. not objects, what more animals. As an individual with religious beliefs, this can be interpreted as playing God..messing the nature for other greedy (and sick-minded) human’s amusement…sheesh..