Sir Paul McCartney’s “Meat Free Monday” song and some recipes

Here’s the legendary Beatles’ icon’s song:

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Meat Free Monday,
It’s a fun day;
And it’s happening
All around the world.

Hop onto the bandwagon and join this marvelous (yet simple) movement to save the world and the animals!

Have a happy meat free Monday!

Hello and welcome to the Meat Free Monday
August newsletter.

We are making a video – to celebrate five years of Meat Free Monday – and we’d love
your input!

There have been loads of amazing entries so far, so thank you if you’ve already sent in a photo! If you haven’t, but would like to, please pick a line from Paul McCartney’s song ‘Meat Free Monday’ and take a photo of yourself with it. Then send it to us by 22 August.

The more creative your photo, the more chance you have of it being included … You could write the words on a piece of paper; draw them in the sand; make them out of fruit and veg; make something with the words on, do something on your computer or come up with something completely different altogether! Feel free to involve friends, family and colleagues too. We will be picking our favourites and turning them into a video for the song. Check out the song lyrics and find out more HERE.

We look forward to sharing the final video with you soon!

Meat free recipes for the adventurous:

Satay Sauce:

Sichuan-styled aubergine with tofu:

Vegetable soup:

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