Spaying subsidy for 2 dogs and 1 cat (Sumathy Gopal’s)

Ms Sumathy Gopal (aka Rani) works as a vet assistant. She also actively gets the community animals in her neighbourhood neutered and adopted through the clinic.  Rani does not use email and the following photos were sent by her niece to us.

We have fully sponsored RM300 for the spaying of the 2 dogs and subsidised RM100 for the spaying of the cat.

mini-2014-07-21 15.35.49 mini-2014-07-21 15.10.41 mini-2014-07-21 16.30.09 mini-2014-07-21 16.28.58 mini-IMG-20140722-WA0001 mini-2014-07-19 16.00.13

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