A message from the tree shrew to the human community

I’d never seen a tupai before when I was growing up in Kampar and Kuala Kangsar during my childhood. We had all kinds of pets, ranging from dogs, rabbits, ducklings, chickens to geese, and sometimes, cows and goats wandered into our house compound (there was no fences back then) and our dogs would have a field day playing with the cows.

But I don’t ever recall seeing a tupai ever. We also lived amidst lush greenery back then. Maybe the tupai lived inside the secondary jungles which was their home.

These days, in most housing estates, we see communities of tupai (the tree shrew). Sadly some of them are trapped and destroyed as some humans perceive them to be a nuisance while other tupai end up as roadkill.

Well, here’s a message from the tupai to the human community:


Actually, the tree shrew is also speaking on behalf of feral (and community) cats. Cats live in our community and not all cats like to live in a house or even be a pet. Cats are generally very independent creatures and they do quite well on their own without our interference (except for getting them neutered, of course).

Yet, due to the unfriendliness of certain human communities, we have to take community cats in and protect them and by doing so, we may or may not be doing them a favour, depending on the personality of the cat.

Let’s work towards inculcating animal-friendliness in our society.

Hopefully one day, we can have stray-friendly communities. Not stray-free.

And tree shrews, community cats (or maybe even dogs) can live harmoniously with us in our natural surroundings.


Daffodil and her children, Rosie and Ginger, grew up at the playground.
Photo taken 3 years ago when we moved here.


 Heidi, running free and happily at the playground. She loves to sit under the tree to watch the birds and the children play.

For their safety, we open our home to the community cats so that in case of any danger, they have a safe place to run back to. Our patio and our home is their safe haven. But when you see them running and playing happily at the playground, you know creatures of Nature are happiest when they are back with Nature.


Rosie was the one who brought her family to our patio. And the rest, is history!

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