Spaying subsidy for Katniss, female cat (Wong Ee Lynn’s)

We have subsidised RM100 for Katniss’ spaying.

From: Ee Lynn 
Date: Sat, Aug 16, 2014 at 12:18 AM
Subject: Application for Neutering Subsidy for Katniss, rescued female cat
To: “” <>

 Dear Dr. Chan,
Thank you once again for your kind assistance in helping Aravind and me out with the TNR bills. We are very grateful for the sponsorship as the vet bills have been mounting.
2 months ago, Aravind and I rescued a very sick female kitten (around 6 months old) from the back alley behind a restaurant in Puchong. She had severe flu and sinus infection so we brought her to the vet and she had to undergo over 1 month of treatment, which was quite expensive as it included daily visits to the vet for nebulisation. I took care of her and fostered her, and we have named her Katniss.
She was well enough to be spayed today. I humbly request for spaying subsidy from in the hopes of offsetting some of the vet bills. She will be vaccinated in 1-2 weeks when she is strong enough. She has 2 potential adopters at the moment and I will contact the adopters when she is ready to be rehomed and will interview them to ensure that Katniss is kept indoors and receives appropriate and adequate care.
I will be mailing the physical form and invoice to you tomorrow morning.
For now, I would like to email the relevant photos and details to you:
Katniss, domestic shorthair cat, female, age around 8 – 9 months.
Spayed by (name of vet and clinic provided)  on 15.8.2014.
Spaying fee: RM150. Receipt number 12988
In the 2nd post-spay photo, she is awake, alive and healthy, but grumpy because of the e-collar. I assure you it is the same cat. I could not get her to look at the camera because she was disoriented and angry.
Please let me know if there is any other information you need.
Thank you very much, Dr. Chan. Hope this is not too much trouble for you. One day when I am financially stable I would like to pay it forward and sponsor other’s vet bills under
Ee Lynn
Thank you very much for your kind intentions, Ee Lynn. It is most appreciated!

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