A bag to remember Pei Pei by

mini-pei pei

When Ms Cindy Lim asked if my mum could make a bag with a motif of a pug, I knew it was for Cindy to remember Pei Pei by, her beloved pug of many, many years.

So I went to the internet and looked for a picture of Pei Pei, which I found:


Then, my mum traced it out on paper:


And we decided a crocheted collar would mimic Pei Pei’s collar best.


The beads were sewed on one by one.

mini-20140818_142536 mini-P8230420

My mum added a zip on top since this bag is smaller than our shopping bags. It’s meant as a casual handbag.


The back design is our logo, stenciled in. Stencil contributed by a company (sourced by Agnes Cheong’s nephew).


A little doggie bling-bling connected to the zip.


It took more than a week to make this bag.


We hope you like it, Ms Cindy!

And we thank you very much for your very kind donation to our Fund for the animals!!

3 comments to A bag to remember Pei Pei by

  • Cindy Lim-Tan

    Dear Aunty Chan,

    No words can express how thankful I am to you. I am so touched by your kindness to spend hours into days of your precious time to painstakingly and skillfully sew Blankets and Bags to help raise funds for the animals. Your daughter Dr.Chan takes after you.

    I am one of your “FANS” and has collected 2 of your beautiful blankets and now this very special customised bag I now proudly calls “Remembering Pei Pei” The extra details and accessories that you have put into the bag is a very pleasant surprise and indeed comes as an extra “Bonus” For this I thank you again.

    Can you please “AUTOGRAPH” or sign your name on the bag for me so that I can proudly show off WHO the DESIGNER is.

    I actually would like to say more but all of a sudden I just cannot find the appropriate words to truly express how I feel in writing. Maybe Dr Chan reminded me that you are a Retired School Teacher. Hahaha !!!

    I will treasure the bag and I will continue to give my support to you and Dr Chan to help the Animals.

    Thank you & Warmest Regards,
    Cindy Lim

  • Aunty Chan

    Dear Cindy, I’m happy that you like the bag. Thank you very much for your donation to AnimalCare.
    Aunty Chan

  • Chen

    Wow! This is a real treasure.