Happy 9th Birthday, Carrot!

Carrot’s family has given a donation to our Fund in conjunction with Carrot’s 9th birthday. We would like to thank Carrot’s family very much and to wish Carrot a very happy birthday and good health always!

Carrot’s story:

Carrot is my family dog. She was born sometime in August nine years ago. And sadly like many local breed, she was dumped by her owner when she was just about 2 months old in my old neighbourhood. She was extremely cute and adorable as a puppy and used to follow us around and hang out in our porch, much like your patio cats. Along the way, we grew too attached to her and took her in as our pet. I wish I could say we adopted her, but the truth was, Carrot was the one who adopted us!! And with that we have had 9 fantastic years together and we are looking forward to more great time ahead.
As she ages, she gets more and more manja. She used to like to be outside the house, but now she likes to spend more time inside. I attached along a recent picture of Carrot so you can see for yourself how cute she actually is (I bet everyone told you the same thing about their pets as well right??).
Adopt, don’t buy. There are so many street animals looking for homes.

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