Managing waste, caring for the environment (an example from Sweden)

We cannot only care for animals without caring for the environment as well. Animal and human habitats are all a part of the environment. Hence, this is very relevant to all of us. 99% of Sweden’s garbage is recycled. Wow!!

Shared by Ming-Yi:

There’s a “recycling revolution” happening in Sweden – one that has pushed the country closer to zero waste than ever before. In fact, less than one per cent of Sweden’s household garbage ends up in landfills today.

The Scandinavian country has become so good at managing waste, they have to import garbage from the UK, Italy, Norway and Ireland to feed the country’s 32 waste-to-energy (WTE) plants, a practice that has been in place for years.

“Waste today is a commodity in a different way than it has been. It’s not only waste, it’s a business,” explained Swedish Waste Management communications director Anna-Carin Gripwell in a statement.


Step 1: Reuse and reduce.

Step 2: Separate our garbage.

Step 3: Recycle.

Step 4: Talk to your lawmakers (All the best!).

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