Neutering sponsorship for 2 male cats, Alan and Salt (Nicole Kuang Wei Fen’s)

We have fully sponsored RM200 for the neutering of these 2 male cats.

From: NiCoLe * 
Date: Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 2:25 PM
Subject: Application for neutering subsidy for KFC cats – Alan & Salt
To: Chan Kah Yein <>

dear Dr. Chan,

I often visit KFC near my area. I found that there are a lot of un-neutered cats at the backyard.They eat “rubbish” and drink dirty water. So pity! You can see their living condition from those pictures I uploaded. All rubbish and cockroach and rats around.

Some of cats are even very friendly to human and look very nice.

I really with to bring them home when I saw their living condition.
But, unfortunately, I can’t.

And what I can do the best for them is neutering.
I will now try to TNR them slowly.
These 2 male cats (Alan, Salt) are the 1st batch. These 2 guys will stay at my house for a short period of time after neutering because I will try to re-home them. If failed, then no choice that I have to release them to KFC.

Here, I would like to apply for neutering subsidy and vaccination subsidy (later) for Alan and Salt.

Thank you myanimal care!

1st batch of KFC cats are:

1. Alan   male   adult    white &gold   long-tail
2. Salt    male   adult     Brown Patched Tabby  long-tail
(Nicole Kuang) Alan 04 (Nicole Kuang) Salt 03 mini-alan pic mini-salt pic


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