The Sunny Cats!

It was on 25th May 2011, that the Sunny Kittens came into our lives:

I called them the Sunny Kittens because they were just so full of life and joy. If you were already a blog reader way back in 2011, you would remember them. There would be several blogposts about them every single day because they were so active, playful and were a bundle of energy.

Adopted by Rozita and family:

And look at them today!


Top left (clockwise): Rex, Foxy and Honeybear!

Some flashback photos, in 2011:

The day they arrived:

sunny 1

They were abandoned by the roadside in this box (with the bolster). Found in KL.

sunny 2 sunny 3 sunny 5

bear 4

Honeybear was throwing seizures for the first half of the day.

sunny 4

Growing up:

bear 1 bear 2 bear 3


rex 0

Learning to lap from a dish.

rex 1

Queuing up to play.

rex 2

Their playhouse.

rex 3

Below, saying goodbye to Uncle Bobby before leaving for their new home…

sunny 6a sunny 6b sunny 7

In their new home with Rozita and family.
June 2011

To be able to find a good and loving home for your rescued animals is one of the greatest blessings ever!

Thank you very much, Rozita and family!





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