Heidi to the rescue!

Caught in action this afternoon!

Heidi coming to Daffodil’s defence and fending off the bully, Mr Zurik.

Daffodil was sitting under the dining table when Mr Zurik suddenly decided he would charge at her. Just for a kick, no other reason.


Suddenly, out of nowhere, Heidi growled and lunged straight at Mr Zurik.

That gave Daffodil the chance to escape while Heidi confronted Mr Zurik alone.

Stop it, you bully!


Daffodil hid behind the paneling in the living room.

I stepped in to help Heidi and we chased Mr Zurik out to the patio.


Daffodil came back.

Thank you, Heidi!


Vincent watched the entire episode from a safe place.

No, cats don’t butt into fights that do not directly involve them. There’s this unwritten rule in their community.


But Indy would have loved to break all rules and attack the bully, that’s for sure.

Indy lives by his own rules.


Mr Zurik didn’t go far, though.


I closed the sliding door to prevent a physical confrontation, but Heidi looked up at me, as though asking me to open the door.


And Heidi sat at the door, looking straight at the bully.

That’s how you tackle a bully – you confront them and look them straight into the eye to tell them who’s boss.

Yes, play with the slipper, you bully! You are defeated.


And Daffodil is safe and sound.

All thanks to Heidi!

Doesn’t Heidi remind you, somewhat, of….Yoda?



3 comments to Heidi to the rescue!

  • Chen

    Dame Heidi!!! If every community got a cat like you (or a human like you) there will be much peace on earth.

    If Mr. Quack was around, he would also cower before the Dame!

  • Yoke Mei

    Heidi’s look is so “selamba”…like it says “it’s just another day”… hahhaha πŸ™‚

  • Kelly

    Heidi…has got a mouth that “speaks” . Even though her face just look “selamba”. πŸ˜€