Vintage Cars fetches RM650!

It’s been a long time since our blankets fetched as much as RM650.

But Vintage Cars broke the spell!

Pokemon, winner of the reauction of Vintage Cars (Blanket No. 62) is, like Master Yoda, giving the blanket to Pooi Ling, who had every intention of winning the blanket to be gifted to her vet as a token of appreciation for helping all her rescues.

And this time, Pooi Ling says she will graciously accept the gift but insists on donating her starting bid of RM150 as well.

So, together with Master Yoda’s winning bid….

62b Pooi Ling RM150

 Thank you very much, everyone!

Sometimes it takes something “old” to bring more gold!

Now, here’s an idea: Bid for our blanket as a gift to your vet for all the help rendered to your rescued animals. At the same time, you are also donating towards helping other rescued animals. Wouldn’t this be a lovely gesture that goes a long way?

Pooi Ling's

1 comment to Vintage Cars fetches RM650!

  • Maneki Neko

    What a lovely gift for the vet! Kudos to Pooi Ling and the other bidders, as well. Actually, the blankets are great gifts. Full stop.