WAD campaign by KindMeal.my

The month-long WAD campaign by KindMeal.my in collaboration with various animal welfare NGOs have ended and we are pleased and grateful to announce that we have received a donation of RM200 from this campaign – all thanks to you for signing up, activating your coupons and enjoying your kind meals and also many thanks to the generous sponsor of KindMeal.my for topping up the donations to a round figure of RM200!

In addition to this, KindMeal.my is also further supporting our efforts by giving 10 pieces of AnimalCare tshirts as lucky draw gifts to winners of this campaign so that’s additional donation to our Fund too.

Thank you very much, KindMeal.my and all supporters!

For all of you who have enjoyed your kind and meat-free meals, do continue to go meat-free whenever you like.

You can get your coupons for discounted delicious meat-free meals here: http://www.kindmeal.my/

Save street animals, save farm animals.

Let’s make the connections, folks!

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