Big Paw and Kindness – Sold out completely!

The last few pieces of Big Paw have been bought up so we have sold out completely on Big Paw and Kindness.

Thank you very much, everyone, for your support!

Thank you very much, Ah Yap, for your very generous sponsorship of offering such a great discount on the tshirts!!

We sold a total of 394 tshirts!

mini-sold out

We hope you will proudly wear your unbleached tshirts out and spread the message!






5 responses to “Big Paw and Kindness – Sold out completely!”

  1. Ah Yap

    You are very much welcome Dr Chan.

    And thank you to everyone for supporting AnimalCare! Hope everyone happy with the unbleached t-shirts.

  2. Yen Ling

    Thank you, Ah Yap for your kind generosity.

  3. Chen

    Thank you, Ah Yap!

  4. jasmine ong

    Thank you very much Ah Yap for your great generosity. I got to buy 10 of these beautiful and meaningful t-shirts and gave them away as present to friends. They love it! Should have bought more … he he πŸ˜€

  5. jasmine ong

    As with all the other AnimalCare t-shirts that I have, I proudly wear these two beautiful designs and spread the message! πŸ˜€